What an incredibly inspiring and refreshing weekend. On a whim, I got onto Molly's website and signed up for her 2 day lettering course down in Nashville. I had been following Molly's work for a while, and with my new business venture underway, a weekend away to learn and be inspired was just what I needed. 

We were in the lovely space of Craft Studio, and day one was all about Calligraphy. We used an oblique pen holder with a variety of different size quills. This was a totally new experience for me, and it was so fun! It was all about practice, practice, practice. We started with lines, focused on spacing and even line weights, then graduated to "o"s, then to "u"s, since most of the lower case alphabet is made up of those basic shapes. We then moved onto learning the lower case alphabet, then played around with upper case for a little bit. Molly made it look so effortless, and it was amazing to watch her work. For you calligraphy nerds, my hairlines got smoother and smoother as the day went on!

Day 2 we focused on hand lettering, or illustrating type. We worked mainly in pencil all day, and worked on developing our personal script by writing out the lower case alphabet over and over, until we noticed things we responded to, like longer connecting stokes, or subtle curls on cross bars. We really had to focus on consistency..consistency of letter heights, of letter openings..of everything. This really does create beautiful type. At the end of the day, Molly walked us through working on layouts, and we designed a final piece that brought together everything we learned!

I hope to use it to inspire a new version of the print I posted last week!

I would highly recommend signing up for one of Molly's next workshops! Continue to check her website for updates on what is next! Molly could not be sweeter. Loved getting to know her and her husband Cody, who is an amazing painter. Check out his work here!