France in the Fall.

My heart is breaking for all of the people of France right now. It is one of my favorite countries, and a place that I have gotten to know well over the years. In September, I had the opportunity to head back to where I studied abroad 10 years ago in a tiny magical town called Lacoste, in Provence. SCAD just launched what they are calling the SCAD Alumni Experience, where they are bringing students in the same major back together to get re-inspired and reconnected with their creativity. It was a truly magical time, with some of the best, most creative ladies I know. What I also loved was the concentrated time to paint and sketch! It didn't hurt that around every corner, what the most magical colors, buildings, people..Southern France is magical and fed my creative soul. Sharing some pictures with you here!

New Wedding Invite!

I was thrilled to work on this wedding invite for sweet bride Lindsey, a dear friend from Texas. She and her fiancΓ© were looking for a casual, simple, clean and traditional when it came to their invite to reflect the upcoming feel of their Waco, Texas get together. Here is a few sneak peeks of what I put together! 

merry christmas!

abby hyslop Rejoice in Hope print
abby hyslop Rejoice in Hope print

Hi everyone and Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for all of your interest and support this past year! I hope everyone is happy with their print purchases and that they are adding color and inspiration to your homes! I have done a horrible job at keeping in touch through my blog, but I am hoping you all are keeping in touch through Instagram! (@abbyhyslop) Just as a reminder, I am taking orders for custom work, whether it be a unique print or an invitation design. I will hopefully be adding to my website more images of custom wedding invites and calligraphy as well. 

Above is a custom print I did for a friend for her Christmas gifts this year! Would you like to see it in the shop? Leave a comment below!


Now Available!

Original "Wherever You Are" print, 11 x 14, $25.00

Wherever original 2.jpg

New "Wherever You Are" print, 14 x 18, $35.00, white.

New "Wherever You Are" print, 14 x 18, $35.00, rust.


Hi all! I am about to add the "Wherever You Are" print to the shop and want your opinion! Which colorways would you like to buy! I might add all of them to the shop with your feedback!

Also, if you still like the original design, let me know and I will make sure to add that version to the shop as well. The new print will be a larger scale at 18 x 24, and then I will sell a smaller version at 8 x 10.

Thanks for your feedback! Abby


What an incredibly inspiring and refreshing weekend. On a whim, I got onto Molly's website and signed up for her 2 day lettering course down in Nashville. I had been following Molly's work for a while, and with my new business venture underway, a weekend away to learn and be inspired was just what I needed. 

We were in the lovely space of Craft Studio, and day one was all about Calligraphy. We used an oblique pen holder with a variety of different size quills. This was a totally new experience for me, and it was so fun! It was all about practice, practice, practice. We started with lines, focused on spacing and even line weights, then graduated to "o"s, then to "u"s, since most of the lower case alphabet is made up of those basic shapes. We then moved onto learning the lower case alphabet, then played around with upper case for a little bit. Molly made it look so effortless, and it was amazing to watch her work. For you calligraphy nerds, my hairlines got smoother and smoother as the day went on!

Day 2 we focused on hand lettering, or illustrating type. We worked mainly in pencil all day, and worked on developing our personal script by writing out the lower case alphabet over and over, until we noticed things we responded to, like longer connecting stokes, or subtle curls on cross bars. We really had to focus on consistency..consistency of letter heights, of letter openings..of everything. This really does create beautiful type. At the end of the day, Molly walked us through working on layouts, and we designed a final piece that brought together everything we learned!

I hope to use it to inspire a new version of the print I posted last week!

I would highly recommend signing up for one of Molly's next workshops! Continue to check her website for updates on what is next! Molly could not be sweeter. Loved getting to know her and her husband Cody, who is an amazing painter. Check out his work here!


Nashville has been on my list for a while of places to check out. And this quaint, country lovin', artsy community didn't disappoint! I headed down south last weekend for the Molly Jacques 2 day Lettering class (which I will post about after this!) and got to check out some spots around Nashville too. Below are a few of my favorites which were mostly suggestions from the Design Sponge City Guide

Although we had to wait in line for 40 minutes for our coffee, Barista Parlor was such a wonderful spot, and the the coffee was amazing. I wish I could have curled up in a corner, and watched the cute Nashville boys come in and out of this place all day!

nash 4.JPG
nash 3.JPG
nash 9.JPG

My mom and I managed to snag a table at the Nashville hot spot Rolf and Daughters in Germantown. And it was a meal I won't forget. If you go, the trout in the cabbage-cream-buttermilk-meyer lemon broth is to die for. We were licking the bowl...We also drove south of the city on Sunday, and ran into Sheryl Crow's longhorns on her beautiful property!

nash 2.JPG
nash 10.JPG

12 South was definitely where I'd choose to live if I was in Nashville. An awesome neighborhood with some incredible little spots and darling houses, one being Edley's Barbeque. We ordered a whole rack of ribs, and washed it down with some great local beers served in mason jars.

nash 1.JPG

We ended our Edley's experience with Jeni's ice cream. My mom's pick was Salted Caramel, and mine was the Wildberry Lavendar. Yum! I really like you Nash and hope to be back soon!


I'm very excited to be starting this new adventure! Please be checking the site for more updates and content soon and feel free to email me any questions for custom projects and weddings.



This past October, I had the pleasure of traveling back to France with some of my dearest girlfriends. We all became friends when we were traveling abroad in southern France, so it was fun to be back running through the streets of Paris eating baguettes together. Some favorite memories...hand painted cafe signs on every corner, long afternoons at cafes sipping on coffe and snacking on escargot, antique shopping for old french linens, and mint tea at the Paris Mosque.

2013-10-14 11.37.00.jpg
2013-10-14 11.37.00.jpg
2013-10-14 16.14.51.jpg
2013-10-14 12.35.06.jpg
afternoon at the musee d'orsay.
2013-10-16 12.58.04.jpg